About us

About the Boomerang Alliance

The Boomerang Alliance was established in April 2004 by Dave West and Rob Kelman, initially to co-ordinate the diverse opinions of Australian Environment groups on the issue of packaging waste. Since that time, Boomerang Alliance has grown to the leading community voice on waste and recycling in Australia – representing some 32 groups and our campaigns have attracted the support of more than 2 million Australians.

Boomerang Alliance works collaboratively with an informal network of international groups across some 15 countries to ensure our advocacy is reflective of international best practice.

Hosted by Total Environment Centre, the Boomerang Alliance is led by Jeff Angel and Dave West who are 2 of Australia’s most experienced environment advocates. Jeff and Dave’s work has led campaigns that have resulted in the introduction and increase levies on the generation of waste, the need for government to recognise the important contribution the waste and recycling sector make to the Australian Workforce and economy, the adoption of extended producer responsibility in waste regulation, the introduction of the first e-waste recycling scheme in Australia, the introduction of a container deposit scheme in the Northern Territory, tightening of regulations to halt large scale illegal dumping and, of course, regulatory action on waste tyres.

The members groups of the Boomerang Alliance are:

AFROCAB Australian Conservation Foundation Australian Marine Conservation Society Arid Lands Environment Centre Beach Patrol Cairns and Far North Coast Environment Centre   Clean Up Australia Conservation Council ACT Region Conservation Council of South Australia Conservation Council of Western Australia Cooks River Alliance Environment Centre NT Environment Tasmania Environment Victoria Friends of the Earth Greenpeace Australia Pacific • LEAD Group Living Ocean Local Government NSW Mineral Policy Institute Nature Conservation Council of NSW • Project AWARE Foundation Queensland Conservation Council Responsible RunnersSEA LIFE Conservation FundSurfrider Foundation Australia Take 3 Tangaroa